Online Account Access

To start Free Online Account Access all you need is a password. Simply call the Credit Union at 715-561-2842 and we can setup your account over the phone! You can also sign up now with our online form.

For your convenience, Home Banking is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. From our secure site you will be able to:

  • Check your Account Balances
  • Transfer Funds
  • Have a Check Sent to You
  • See & View What Checks Have Cleared
  • Make a Loan Payment from Funds in Your Account
  • View Account History
  • Receive your Statement Electronically Instead of on paper through the Mail
  • Order New Checks
  • Change Your Password

Your Home Banking Password

In order to use our internet home banking site, you will need a password. To get your new password, Contact Us and we will set one up for you. Once your new password is issued, you will be required to change it on your first visit to the secure Home Banking site. Passwords should be an alpha-numeric combination. It's that easy!

Forgot Your Password?

Unfortunately, neither the credit union nor our web system administrator can 'look up' or otherwise inquire on your password. It's not technically possible. What we can do is issue you a new one, which you can change on your first visit to the secure site. Contact Us for further information.

Security Information

Insuring our system security and your privacy within our internet home banking site is our number one priority. From the basic design architecture, to the use of the latest internet technologies, our home banking site allows you to experience the convenience of internet home banking with confidence. Some of the ways we insure your privacy, and the security of our entire home banking system include:

  • The credit union computer is never connected to the internet.
  • Your accessible account information is stored on a dedicated home banking database server that responds only to authenticated requests from our web server.
  • We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and digital certificate server authentication.
  • All internet data mechanisms have been custom designed around the latest technologies and configured with the latest recommended security configurations.
  • One way password encryption in the web home banking database means nobody can extract your password, not even us or our web system administrators.
  • You can change your password within our home banking site as often as you like.
  • Our web home banking database server does not contain identifying information such as names, addresses or social security numbers anywhere within the system.
  • Personal forms you submit such as loan applications are completed under SSL (encryption and server authentication) by you and retrieved by us under SSL.

If you have questions about our site security, please feel free to Contact Us with your specific questions.